Hi, I'm sam

a photographer for the disesteemed

Unveil your hurt, show your pride, flaunt your scars, and capture the true you. Society is flawed; You are beautiful- every part of you. 

I'm available for a wide range of photography needs, but my passion surrounds individuals with pain, pride, and/or scars. Photography for the disesteemed. I strive to build confidence in those who are deemed “unacceptable” or “flawed” within mainstream society’s standards. 

Nerodivergent individuals. Those with anxiety, depression, and/or autism are welcome before me without a demand to smile. My goal however will be to capture a natural one. 

Non-conforming gender & sexuality including but not limited to transgendered, nonbinary, polyamorous, gay, and pansexual.

Individuals with masectomies, amputations, birthmarks, scars, or asymmetry. Differently abled individuals with or without assisting devices.

We've all felt the pull to be "normal"-- let go of that and embrace what makes you amazingly you.


20 N Howell St, Hillsdale MI 49242

We are at Fether Studios in Downtown Hillsdale! A full photography studio takes up the back of the building, while the front houses various local artist & artisan creations for purchase. The studio also features my husband's handmade passion: chainmail & scalemail jewelry, accessories, fidgets, and wearables by Fether Metal. It's basically every artistic passion I have available in one building!

website: Fetherstudios.com Facebook @fetherstudios

Our Philosophy

You are enough.

Perfection does not exist. We are meant to explore, evolve, and reassess who we are - time and time again. Don't let the mundane guide you. Follow your passions, flaunt your so-called flaws, and chase desires. I want to unveil the beauty you may not see in yourself.

Invest in yourself


Being a young artist, my mother purchased my first DSLR camera when I was 16 after I wore out multiple 'everyday' cameras. I went on to pursue a degree in photography and journalism, with the hopes that I could freelance when I started my main goal of having a family. 2 years in and I had met my soulmate. We now have 3 beautiful children.

Throughout life, my camera was put away for long periods as I struggled through the everyday, motherhood, depression, and anxiety. No matter what I was going through, my camera still found its way back to me when I could breathe again. Through struggles, I've made professional and personal mistakes. I have searched and evolved. I have let go of the pursuit of perfectionism in my delivery of art and myself in general. I am flawed but I am unmistakably me.

From the start, I have always wanted to be a photographer that builds confidence in those that do not let confidence shine. I've always seen beauty in the weak, mangled, and different. What makes others squirm or judge, I simply accept, as I can empathize with most.

Convenience led me to photograph the everyday. I am a family photographer that dabbles in a bit of everything, but now I start my journey to my true vision & passion. What mainstream society does not deem beautiful, I will show as nothing but. What beauty you do not see in a mirror, I will show you in a photo.

“let us live for the beauty of our own reality”